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literacy expert rebecca bush

Literacy Expert Rebecca Bush

Passionate About Literacy

Rebecca is a certified / licensed reading specialist, academic language therapist, dyslexia therapist, special education teacher, and bilingual instructor with over fifteen years of experience in the education industry. She has worked not only in the classroom, but also as a mentor and trainer, a curriculum advisor and developer, a reading specialist, and a consultant.  She has worked in a wide variety of school settings on three different continents.  Rebecca coaches parents, works with students privately, and partners with non-profits and schools to share her knowledge and skills.  She is excited to have returned to her home state of Texas, where she can continue the work she loves.

Rebecca graduated on the Dean's List from the University of California - Berkeley.  She has a Masters degree from the University of Alabama in Elementary Education, Instruction and Curriculum, as well as a Masters in Advanced Literary from Concordia University.  She graduated both Masters with honors and distinctions.  Rebecca has also completed advanced training courses approved by both the International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council and the International Dyslexia Association to be a Certified Academic Language Therapist and Licensed Dyslexia Therapist.  Aside from her love of reading, Rebecca enjoys being around animals.  She is a Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor with the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International, where she is able to combine her passion for horses with her experience working with those with special needs.  

Certifications / Licenses

  • Reading Specialist (TEA)

  • Academic Language Therapist (ALTA)

  • Dyslexia Therapist (TDLR)

  • Classroom Teacher (TEA)

  • Special Needs Teacher (TEA)

  • Bilingual (Spanish / English) Teacher (TEA)


  • Dyslexia Specialist Preparation Program - Neuhaus Education Center

  • M.Ed. - Concordia University of Texas - Advanced Literacy

  • M.A. - University of Alabama - Elementary Education

  • B.A. - UC-Berkeley - Iberian Studies & Art Practice


Parent of 8 Year Old Boy

My child has really shown a big improvement in his attitude both before and after his sessions with Rebecca. I am so relieved to see this change in behavior and really appreciate Rebecca's effort and impact on his learning. I believe that Rebecca, personally, understands and knows how to help my son emotionally.

12 Year Old Girl

At school, I feel like hundreds of different airplanes are flying at me from different directions. Sometimes the planes land in my brain, sometimes they crash, but usually they fly over my head. In Ms Bush's class the planes fly and actually land in my brain and if they don't, she has them fly again. They land safely and are not being knocked by other planes. There is less chaos in my brain. English makes more sense.

Parent of 10 Year Old GIrl

My daughter has struggled with reading for so long and we were so lucky to have found Rebecca Bush. She is truly an exceptional and gifted educator. I couldn’t be more happy with the approach, on-going communication, and results that we are seeing. We have had many experiences with various schools, evaluations, etc. and really by far this has been the best experience we have had. I now have a much clearer view of how we can assist my daughter to improve her reading. I’m very grateful and highly recommend Ms. Bush!

Parent of 6 Year Old Girl

We feel thankful and blessed that our child has been able to spend time with Rebecca.   We have noticed her significant improvements in her reading and writing over the past 7 months.  Rebecca's efforts have been instrumental.  Thank you.

Parent of 16 Year Old Boy

It has been so wonderful to know that the important literacy elements my son needs have been covered under your instruction. I have seen his confidence grow and I am so pleased to see the change that this confidence brings to his learning. Thank you for your patience and understanding and I am thrilled to have made this connection with you. 

Reading Specialist at Elementary School

It has been amazing to witness the transformation of our reading instruction at our school! Many thanks to Rebecca for guiding us in the right direction.

Outstanding Leadership in Education - Rebecca Bush.png

Rebecca was honored to receive the Outstanding Leadership Award from Education 2.0. The award was based on her dedicated work and excellence across five parameters: leader's reputation, educational background, professional experience, creative thinking, and decisive leadership.

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