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custom Workshops

Rebecca regularly consults with schools to guide them in the implementation of effective language arts programs, tiered systems of support, classroom management, and more.


She has successfully delivered workshops on three continents for parents and a wide range of professionals at conferences, independent schools, public schools, kindergartens, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and universities.


Rebecca Bush's consultative and professional development services have been paramount to our school's alignment with the science of reading.

Director of Student Support

samples of past workshops


  • What Exactly is the Science of Reading?

  • Structured Literacy in the Middle and High School Years


  • Explicit Instruction in a Whole Group Setting

  • Foundational Literacy Skills

  • Microschedules in the Language Arts Block


  • Spelling in the Secondary Classroom

  • What is OG?

  • Multisensory Instruction Across the Content Areas

  • Understanding the Most Common Learner Profiles


  • Structured Word Inquiry

  • What is Dyslexia?

  • Signs to Notice: Red Flags in Reading Development

  • Evidence-Based Literacy Instruction


  • Supporting Struggling Readers in the Secondary Classroom

  • The Role of Unexpectedness in the Diagnosis of Dyslexia

  • The BDA Framework Across the Content Areas

  • The Science of Literacy Instruction

  • An Introduction to Positive Education


  • I Have an Ed Psych, Now What?

  • Building a Literacy Toolkit

  • Supporting Struggling Readers

  • Kindergarten Literacy: Getting Started Right


  • Raising Strong Readers

  • Maximizing Language Development

  • Academic Vocabulary Across the Content Areas

  • Building a Literacy Block, Block by Block

  • Bilingual Power: Transferring Vocabulary & Skills from L1 to L2

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