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Below are downloadable resources created by Rebecca Bush.


What is Reading?

We all know what good reading sounds like, but what exactly is reading? How do you teach reading? This short, animated video outlines the basics of the science of reading.

Colorful Books


Signs of a Struggling Reader

Are you, your child, or your student struggling with reading?  Here are signs to watch for and what you can do to start to help.

Thank you to FOCUS Hong Kong for their support.


Signs of a Struggling Reader

This is the same resource as above, but in Chinese.


Thank you to FOCUS Hong Kong and Bring Me a Book Hong Kong for their support.  Thank you to Bring Me a Book Hong Kong for the translation.

What is Dyslexia


What is Dyslexia?

This recorded webinar covers:

  • Definition of dyslexia

  • How it effects those who have it

  • Common struggles and strengths of dyslexia

  • Red flags to look for

Thank you to the Dyslexia Association of Hong Kong for their support.


Structured Word Inquiry

Science in the English classroom?  Dissecting words?  You bet!  Structured Word Inquiry is the scientific investigation of how to spell words, any word.  Combining morphology, semantics, etymology, phonology, and relatives allows students to read, understand, and spell any word they come across.  Learn what it is, how you can easily implement it, and how you can help all of your students become better linguists, readers, and speller.

Thank you to the 21st Century Learning Conference for their Support.

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