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Reading Specialist & Dyslexia Therapist

Rebecca Bush, M.A., M.Ed.

literacy expert rebecca bush

Meet THE founder

Rebecca Bush is a certified / licensed reading specialist, academic language therapist, dyslexia therapist, special education teacher, and bilingual instructor with over fifteen years of experience in the education industry.


Rebecca is excited to share her knowledge of literacy and special needs with the U.S. and international communities.  She works with schools, parents, students, and other professionals, providing coaching, consultations, trainings, and intervention services. 

Literacy Expert Rebecca Bush
For Schools

for schools

Partnering with a wide range of schools, Rebecca assesses the strengths and needs of programs, and designs custom curriculums and trainings that meet the unique needs of each institution.

Services include:

  • Needs and strengths assessments

  • Improvement plans

  • Professional development seminars and workshops

  • Coaching sessions

  • Implementation support

  • Parent coffees and information sessions

Topics include:

  • Program development and alignment

  • Literacy (reading, writing, spelling)

  • Language (vocabulary, EALs, oral language, listening comprehension)

  • Special needs and specific learning differences

  • Classroom management and positive education

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For Parents

for parents

  • Are you concerned about your child's literacy or language development?

  • Is your child behind their classmates in reading or writing?

  • Are they struggling with spelling or learning new words?

  • Has your child's teacher shared concerns?

  • Has your child been referred to a psychologist or speech therapist?

Rebecca is a certified / licensed reading specialist, special education teacher, academic language therapist, and dyslexia therapist with a Masters in Elementary Education and a Masters in Advanced Literacy.  She has also completed Neuhaus Education Center's Specialist Preparation Program.

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For Teachers

for teachers

Get in touch to learn about upcoming workshops or to discuss your classroom or professional needs and goals.

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