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Multisensory Grammar

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

How can grammar help reading comprehension and sentence construction?

Grammar can be a powerful tool, but it must be used in a way that resonates with young learners. Neuhaus Education Center's Multisensory Grammar has everything you need to scaffold students to being better writers, whether you're working with individuals, small groups, or whole classes.

Multisensory instruction is key to working with any learner, not just those with Specific Learning Differences like dyslexia and dysgraphia.

Are you a classroom teacher, SENCo, tutor, or parent? Do you work with students who are struggling to express themselves in writing? Are you wondering how to make grammar interesting, and more importantly, effective?

What You Will Learn

Throughout the live workshop, you will learn how to guide students to strengthen communication skills.

Using multisensory techniques, students will learn:

  • The different parts of speech and their functions and usage in sentences.

  • How to use parts of speech to craft sentences of varying lengths and complexities.

  • How grammar can be used throughout the writing process (to draft, revise, and edit).

What You Will Receive

The 5 hour workshop will be conducted live over Zoom, led by Neuhaus Education Center's internationally certified instructors.

You will walk away with everything you need (the knowledge, the program, the materials) to start working with students straight away. All materials will be provided, as well as a 45 minute group follow up discussion to help you apply Multisensory Grammar with your own students.

Multisensory Grammar workshop hours are recognized CEU credits for the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) and the Academic Language Therapists Association (ALTA).

Materials included:

  • Multisensory Grammar & Written Composition Manual

  • Sentence & Phrase Construction Cards

  • Sentence & Phrase Construction Tiles

  • Multisensory Grammar Virtual Handouts

Dates & Cost

New dates coming soon!

$3,000 HKD

  • To be paid by HSBC bank transfer, check, or cash.

What Will be Covered

Please see the attached file for details on which IDA Knowledge and Practice Standards will be covered, as well as more details on Multisensory Grammar.

Multisensory Grammar Details
Download PDF • 1.80MB

Multisensory Grammar IDA Standards
Download PDF • 361KB

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